M/S Bioneer Green Energy Pvt Ltd has extensive Research and Development work experience spanning over 45 years.

We do Green Field Turnkey projects and services in the field of Waste Management, Energy Projects & Special Purpose Equipment.

We have Designed, Manufactured and Supplied Waste Management equipments in more than 10 States in India so far.

We lead the future for reducing the dependency on fossil fuels by focusing on Alternate fuels – Biodiesel, Algae to Biofuels / Green Hydrogen, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Gravity Energy Storage Technologies, Industrial Co2 Mitigation / Carbon Sequestration and conversion of Post Consumer Waste Plastics and Municipal Solid Waste to Green Hydrogen / Electricity.

In the beginning, we developed a State of the Art technology prototype model for a continuous Pyrolysis plant for Plastic Waste. Delegates from all over the Municipal Corporation in Tamil Nadu visited the prototype model at Coimbatore and appreciated our efforts and technology which helped us in promoting this technology to various corporations in Tamil Nadu.

Upon their request and based on our experience we have installed a 25 Tons per day Continuous Plastic Pyrolysis plant without any pollution in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. We get first quality Industrial grade Pyrolysis Oil, Carbon and Gas as the output from the plant.

In Continuous Pyrolysis process using waste plastics or biomass we get good quality carbon powder of 10 tons perday.Again during the Methane Pyrolysis the carbon powder will be converted to Activated Carbon.We are looking for the technology to make use of this Activated Carbon to value added products.

We are Pioneers in the Solid Waste Management field providing an “END OF LIFE” Solution for Waste and making a Zero Carbon Footprint country by cutting down the Green House Gas emission thereby contributing to the Global Climate Change Goals of COP27.

Our Core areas of interest and research are as follows,

Our Vision

  • To Create a carbon free world by accelerating the clean energy transition
  • To solve the challenges / universal issues that matters to every single person in the world.
  • Energy generation from waste

Our Mision

  • Bioneer Green Energy is India’s leading decarbonisation solution provider on a mission to build fossil-free through innovative and sustainable solutions.
  • Maximize resource value, while
    minimizing the environmental
    impact so that both our economy and our environment can thrive.

Our Aim

  • Eliminate Land Fills
  • Create a Carbon free Climate
  • Reduce Use of Fossil Fuel
  • Revenue – Trash to Treasure
  • Utilize GOVT. Schemes and Funds
  • To build the best Renewable Eenergy market in the world.

Our Proposal

Present Scenario

  • Collected Waste in Small Vehicles brought to Collection Centers in each or group of wards. With Chances of Polluting the Atmosphere.
  • All the Waste loaded into Large Trucks and Transported to Dump Sites, there the huge quantity processed, some value realised, mostly land filled after spending for Transportation and wasting valuable land.

Future Scenario

  • Decentralise the Large scale Processing, by Micro Scale Processing in the Collection Centers itself, with out any Pollution.
  • Stop doing the Classification 2 in the Present Scenario, Eliminate the Dump Site, Save Huge Transportation Cost & Protect the Environment